Monday, 30 May 2016

Walking with The Queen of Cups

Darlings, today I have made some decisions about the nature of my content over the Summer of 2016 and beyond. I have taken some time to reflect on this, figuring out what I want to share as I move ahead and in what kind of way it would be most appropriate to share it. All I know is that there has definitely been a shift for me on some level recently, and I can either choose to abandon ship or take the helm and keep going on this epic journey. I choose the latter. (Did you ever doubt it?!) 

This summertime there will be lots of exploring for me in my new area of the country which I am slowly learning to call home. Lots of 'walking meditations' will occur, lots of sunsets and lots of contemplation as I watch the tides go in and out. I'll be sitting out on my roof sipping wine and writing down my thoughts. I'll be at my altar, taking the time to connect The Within to The Without in the essence of The All. I plan to make a special effort to take you all with me and share my insights with you as just one fellow traveller on the path. I plan to open up rather than shutting down. I plan to be of service in whatever way I can.

I have a list of topics that I have been meaning to touch on for ages but the time just hasn't seemed prudent or I wanted to make sure that I worded my ideas 'just right' and have been putting them off as a result of that desire to get it 'correct'. But I have come to a turning point at which the state of overflow and love seem much more apparent. When you are ready to give of yourself, you know it. When you feel yourself simply aligning with the opportunity that you have been given to reach out to others and make those connections, it's undeniable. And I am there right now. I am sitting in the vastness of that energy of exchange and understanding, and it's pretty blissful.

I look forward to sharing more and hitting on some of those topics which I may have been a little 'precious' with so far.. It's time for me to realise that I don't need to make The One Definitive Video About Forgiveness, for example - I can just make a number of videos sharing my own insights in the hope that they will help people rather than sitting on my hands and overcooking the whole thing in my head. I can never be All Things to All People. I can never be the right choice for everyone. Some people simply won't resonate and I have always been more than alright with that! I have always gently reminded my viewers that they may not be able to walk with me on every step of my journey, they may not align with everything that I say, and that's ok.. No one is obligated to agree with me or like me, and other people's opinions of me are absolutely none of my business - I don't place my focus there. (If I did, I wouldn't be able to serve people in the way that I always try to do and for as long as I have.)

So, it's time to break open more and more. The element of Water has been calling to me for a long time now. Water came to me over and over again last year in my dreams - tsunamis, drownings, boats and ships in battle on the giant waves, creatures rising up from the depths of the black ocean, cities underwater.. Water destroyed my fragile peace last year when it literally collapsed my roof and destroyed some of my most treasured possessions. This led me to move to an apartment from which I can literally SEE the sea.. It was an absolute surrender. I was saying, 'Ok, I am fucking LISTENING! Tell me what I need to know!?' 

The element of Water finally replied.. 'Give of yourself. Overflow.'

Now I know that the Queen of Cups has been walking with me a long time - longer than I first thought. Every archetype has its time to dance with you, even if you felt like strangers to each other before. 

So much love to you - whoever you are. Thanks for reading this. Thanks for holding my truth for a moment.