Monday, 16 May 2016

WONDERWORKER WEEK: Check Out My 5 Top Tips for Your Heart-Centred Business

Darlings, it's Wonderworker Week on planet Maddox! I love offering business guidance for those in need of support and inspiration. That's what Wonderworker Week is all about. It's a chance for me to reflect on what I have learned on my own journey as well as offering some insights to fuel other people's heart-centred adventures on the biz trail. To kick things off, here are five of my top tips for maintaining a healthy, positive connection to your business.

1. Perform ritual and magick
If you have any kind of spiritual journey, whether you would describe it as 'witchy', 'woo woo' or just 'reflective' in nature, I 100% recommend including your business as a focus area. Lots of people make the mistake of leaving their career issues at the door when it comes to spiritual practice, but why?! If your business is heart-centred and spiritual then it makes perfect sense to use your practices to help yourself through the ups and downs of running it, right? I personally love to focus on my business when I'm pulling some cards for myself at the altar and doing some journalling. I always put my business into my prayer beads, calling power and abundance to it and sending good vibes to my clients, audience and fellow lightworkers. Last but not least, you bet your arse I've done magick to enhance my profitability and keep my business protected and thriving. I'm a witch, after all!

2. Design a self-care schedule
Heart-centred business is all about connecting with your customers on a deeper level and offering them a piece of your passion and a slice of your soul. Sounds gorgeous! But there's a serious threat of burnout and resentment if you're a biz owner who gives too much without putting anything back in your own tank. I hereby strictly advise you to take a look at what you're doing to care for yourself on a regular basis. Analyse your self-care in four different areas: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Where are the gaps in your attention? What needs to be brought to the forefront? When you are in service to others in any way, you need to make sure that you are also in service to yourself. Checking in with your own needs is the best way to ensure longevity for your business. In other words, safeguard your health if you want your business to stay healthy.

3. Grab yourself a business buddy
My gorgeous friend Carrie Mallon and I get together on Skype once a week to shoot the breeze about business. We really enjoy offering advice back and forth via email too. We support each other and provide a safe space for each other to hash out ideas and talk shop. This has been one of the most positive choices I made for my business. Along the way I have also been incredibly fortunate to glean advice and guidance from many amazing heart-centred business owners who have made a discernible difference to my confidence and profitability over time. If you're only just starting out on your heart-centred business journey, or if you're a bit of a lone wolf and you're not sure who to reach out to, you can find people to spar with on forums and in groups online. Check out my FB group, Heart-Centred Small Business Owners. It's super active and very supportive.

4. Read widely
I know only too well how easy it is to get stuck in a cycle of absorbing information related to your business whilst forgetting to learn about, well, anything else! I would recommend ensuring that you are taking in lots of different subjects and branching out in your interests as much as possible. If you are a Tarot reader, it obviously makes sense to be interested in continuing to study Tarot as well as maybe learning about personal development, counselling, business advice etcetera. But you can definitely have too much of a good thing! Try reading a biography of a political figure or watching a documentary about America during The Great Depression. Challenge yourself to learn the names of different trees by sight or visit a museum related to something you're not clued up on. It's amazing how much innovation this brings into your content and business ethos! But it also helps to keep your whole industry fresh! Those who keep expanding their mind in different directions help to stunt the cycle of repetition and ever-trending topics, putting new angles and ideas into the mix!

5. Leave room for evolution
Try not to be too narrow with your business vision. Some people simply jump from one business to another through the years, starting over whenever they change their beliefs or interests. But this doesn't usually encourage a loyal fan base and it leaves people confused about your identity and motives after a while. A business which leaves room for you to evolve as a human being will stand the test of time. The longer your business is around, the more you build your solid reputation and connect with your growing audience, so it makes sense to stay the course. This doesn't mean that you can't rebrand for a new look! It just means that, ultimately, your business keeps growing with you rather than being outgrown every couple of years. Take a look at how much freedom and expansion you currently feel that your business vision offers. Are you feeling a little restricted? Are you tempted to branch out into other topics or offer new services which reflect your other capabilities? Maybe now is the time! Remember, you are multifaceted and that is ok! Plenty of people focus on only one service or product in their business, but that doesn't mean that you have to - and I certainly don't!

Keep an eye on the blog for more Wonderworker treats throughout the week, darlings. This is the place to stay updated on everything I'm putting out for you!


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