Friday, 3 June 2016

Grab Some Tips to Help You Reframe the Yucky Stuff!

I am seriously looking forward to continuing my YouTube journey as I head into Summer here in the UK. I still have so much to give and the fact that I have reached a stage on my journey at which people regularly express how valuable my videos have been is so profound for me. It moves me to keep going.

In my latest video I'm offering some tips to speed up your reframing process when things get tough. Reframing is a big part of what it means to have true cognitive flexibility. If you can even entertain the possibility that you could see a situation in a different light, you are already managing to be cognitively flexible! It really does make all the difference and it's one of the key things that's helped me to deal with my depression when it flares up.

When life keeps putting the same shit sandwich on your plate, you can end up perplexed as you search in vain for something different. Reframing is your chance to understand what that shit sandwich has to teach you so that you can finally get rid of it and see what else is on the menu! Likewise, when a crappy situation blindsides you and you find yourself trying to catch your breath as you recover from the shock, reframing techniques can be a valuable part of your inner work.

Check out the video, honey bee! I hope it helps!


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