Tuesday, 28 June 2016

LISTEN: Three Excerpts from My e-book for Tarot Readers

Right now, over in my online shop, you can purchase my e-book at a discounted rate. Delivered to your inbox as a PDF for instant download, 'Heal Hearts, Hold Space' is intended to act as a source of inspiration for Tarot readers as well as a treasure trove of useful exercises to try out. I wrote this e-book with passionate, ethical readers in mind. It offers a comprehensive collection of my ideas about how to give delicious, profound readings.

My e-book offers detailed breakdowns of my three golden rules for effective Tarot readings: Know Thyself, Grow Thyself and Give Thyself. Discover how these three rules can be applied to enable your practice to evolve. The e-book also offers five exclusive essays covering topics from the use of feminine and masculine frameworks in Tarot reading to an analysis of the New Age of Tarot as a psycho-spiritual tool and how to join the revolution.

Finally, the third part of the e-book takes you on a journey through the Major Arcana, exploring key exercises which are based on the themes of each card. Each task is intended to intensify your understanding of your own ethics and abilities.

Check out the excerpts, honey:

The holistic design of this e-book is intended to offer a guiding light to those who see their Tarot practice as something to be cherished and deeply considered.

Much love!