Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Positive Money Mentality and Spellcasting for Cash

The financial stuff was never really a strong point for me, and that's something I'm happy to admit. I wasn't raised with the best messages about money, nor were either of my parents in a state of ongoing financial abundance. Money worries were common among the adults around me, and I felt them from a young age. The idea of being responsible with money, saving money etcetera was something I ended up attributing to other kinds of people - people who were so different from me that it would be impossible to bridge that gap and 'learn their ways'! 

Thanks to my interest in various aspects of psychology, I began to consider my attitude towards money in my mid-twenties and actively sought to challenge it. Firstly, I took a look at what exactly I found to be so worrying, depressing and 'low vibe' about money. I wrote all of that stuff down and really asked myself how much of it was actually just my perspective rather than an immovable truth. I considered different ways of looking at those identified triggers. I also looked at ongoing negative habits involving money. Looking at those crappy cycles and the root causes which lay at the foundation of them all, I realised that I could choose a different kind of relationship with money - a more positive one.

I have always recommended to my audience and my students of magick that it's not enough to simply spellcast for money. As practitioners, we must mature into a conscious understanding of our own issues with money. We must be prepared to examine what might be holding us back internally over and over again before attempting to shift things in the external world. I have read a lot of stuff over the years about people who had ongoing money issues before winning a substantial sum of cash, only to spend their winnings on all kinds of pointless crap or gamble it away in no time and end up right back where they started. Casting a spell for money without acknowledging your problematic thoughts around money is no different. You might end up with some cash but you'll fall into the same old traps and potentially end up in worse trouble.

For me, being a witch requires maturity and self-awareness. Where money is concerned, it's hard for people to see that they need to do some inner work before any outer change will be truly useful. But, as witches, we need to recognise the value of doing it it 'the right way around'. 

If you'd like to know more about my views on casting for cash, check out my latest video.


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