Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Raw, Real, Yours, Mine

My YouTube journey has always brought up some considerations around intimacy. How much intimacy is provided to the audience through my honesty? Through talking about my experiences and allowing people to have that portal into my reality, do I manage to help people more? What is the unspoken contract which is set up between me and a viewer, when it comes to boundaries and the breaching of boundaries in particular? What have I learned, over time, about what feels safe and what feels like I have given away too much in the exchange?

These questions have brought me to so many small points of self-discovery along the way, and I suppose that I have my audience to thank for that as well as so much else! Back in May I shared some thoughts which went some way towards conveying a notable shift in my perspective when it comes to how much I am prepared to share on YouTube and my reasons for reassessing this aspect of the experience. Now I hope that my latest video can act as the first step in a shiny new direction..

Of course I am still going to be offering episodes of Cardslinger and Rambling Witch as well as reviving the Tea and Tarot series. I am also going to be talking about books again, which is something that so many people have requested from me. I'm also introducing a new Tarot series this year which aims to delve into each card separately and take you on a journey through my own perspective on the messages which have meant so much to me and lent undeniable meaning to my life. All of this will be a part of the overflow. I will keep it raw, real and committed, as I'm sure you've come to expect from me by now. With added honesty and added intimacy, and all the love that I can possibly muster.

Thanks for giving me life!


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