Wednesday, 22 June 2016

This Lunar Life | Moon Musings

One of the most illuminating things I've done in a while is take a look at my natal chart. In particular, discovering my moon sign was definitely both eyebrow-raising and affirming! I have been asked repeatedly why I didn't take much interest in astrology aside from my foundation awareness of sun signs and their commonly associated attributes. I couldn't really muster much of a coherent answer other than explaining that other things had been destined to grab my attention instead but that I would certainly give astrology more time at another point in my life. I am glad that the point has now arrived.

Realising that my moon sign has so much to teach me about the finer points of who I am and what I strive for was a big part of the driving force behind my latest video which is all about working with the moon and my feelings about this wondrous, radiant orb.

Check it out!


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