Saturday, 27 August 2016

CATCH UP WITH ME: Magician Malarkey, Self-Love Musings and Hanging Out With The Goddess

Since my video about unlearning unhelpful conditioning, I have been busy on YouTube! If you feel like playing catch up, here's what I've been up to in the video department..

This rooftop ramble is all about adopting the mindset of the magician. What would we use such a mindset for? How might it become available to us? Why are non-ordinary states of consciousness important? This video includes a little read aloud from Peter J Carroll's delicious book, 'Psychonaut.'

Take some tea with me and get to know which goddesses and divine feminine archetypes have really stolen the show on my personal journey. Among others, Kali, Athena and Bast all make an appearance in this one. You'll also learn how Joan of Arc factors into my journey..

Self-Love September is on its way! In this video, I kick things off by talking about why self-love is such an important concept for me, how it's aided me on my journey and what you can expect from the next month on my channel..

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