Tuesday, 16 August 2016

SOUNDS & SESSIONS 2016 is coming!

Sounds & Sessions is a carefully crafted collection of self-love resources to inspire you. Comprised of four videos and four audio files, each slice of content comes to you as an exclusive link delivered during the month of September, helping you to stay serious about self-love.

Plus you get to gain access to the private Facebook group where we're going to be talking about self-love for seven whole weeks! (The group has already opened - introductions and talking points are already underway.)

You could seriously benefit from this purchase if:

- You enjoyed the free Self-Love September content on my YouTube channel in previous years

- You purchased Sounds & Sessions 2015 and loved the resources I provided

- Self-love is becoming an increasingly important part of your personal journey

- You tend to feel stuck for self-love ideas and enjoy discovering new methods/tools

- Community is important to you; you'd love to talk to others who are on the self-love path

- You tend to feel isolated in your efforts and want access to people who relate to your journey

- You'd like to pick my brain about self-love 

- You're on the lookout for innovative content which hasn't been seen before

- You want to challenge yourself to dive in deeply with your self-love practice

- Group accountability is motivational for you

- You want to treat yourself to something delicious in September!

You can CLICK HERE to check out the ENTIRE CONTENT SCHEDULE for Sounds & Sessions. Yes, this is the complete breakdown of what's on offer, so you can really get a sense of how worthwhile it'll be for you.

If you want to keep it brave and brilliant this September, come along with me.