Saturday, 12 November 2016

50 Journal Prompts for Toughening Up and Getting Inspired in the Hardest of Times

Poptarts, if I know you at all, I know that there's a big desire for some deep-as-fuck journal prompts among you right about now! It's time for us to anchor into our feels, pay attention to what's running through our heads and ensure that we are being as self-aware as possible. When the dust of bewilderment and shock begins to settle slightly, I reach for the pen, and I know I'm not alone here. This particular collection of prompts was compiled with empowerment, self-honesty and mobilization in mind. I hope that you can see this list as a collection of potential starting points for getting clear, getting free and taking shiny, sacred action.

1. What does your inner child need in order to feel less fearful and more optimistic?
2. Describe the last time that you used your personal power to make someone feel better.
3. Why is it important to hold space for your anger, rage, disappointment and resentment?
4. At the moment, what kinds of images, words and thoughts come to mind when you hear/read the word 'power'?
5. What is the true meaning of 'dignity' in this moment, and how can your behaviour be dignified?
6. Whereabouts are you currently casting judgement? Write about it honestly. 
7. How can you use the feeling of bewilderment to learn and to grow stronger?
8. 'Your passion is your fuel.' Write about your immediate response to this sentence.
9. What do you need to communicate to someone where you have so far been silent?
10. Whereabouts are you afraid of fighting for justice and peace?
11. What would be the biggest and worst way to betray yourself right now? 
12. In being true to yourself, what might you have to sacrifice?
13. Write about the last time someone changed your mood/perspective just by being in their beingness around you. (For bonus points: Consider what can be learned from that experience and how you intend to pay it forward.)
14. What does your self-care routine need to look like in the next few weeks and why?
15. Which small tweaks/changes can you implement now in order to avoid conflict and tension later?
16. Where can you go looking for fresh insight and inspiration today?
17. How do you plan to ensure that you express yourself creatively in the weeks ahead?
18. Whereabouts do you need to let off some stream and how do you intend to do so?
19. Write about the part of your psyche which stores your fears of other people's choices and behaviours..
20. 'Compassion cannot be something that we simply give to receive.' Write about your immediate response to this sentence.
21. Write about your three most prominent and accessible strengths at this point in your life.
22. How can you use the archetype of The Sovereign to your advantage at the moment?
23. What are you worthy of and how will you open yourself up to receive it?
24. How do you plan to collaborate and cooperate with others in the coming weeks?
25. How have you been contradicting yourself or potentially falling prey to hypocritical behaviour?
26. 'Speaking up for those who have no voice is one of the most alchemical things you can do with your life.' Write about your immediate response to this sentence. 
27. Whereabouts are you potentially fostering avoidance and how can you confront that?
28. What is it important to leave behind right now, for your own good?
29. Write about your three most prominent negative/unhelpful thought patterns right now and also describe how each one of them has been causing problems. (For bonus points: Write out specific examples of each one from recent memory.)
30. 'Those who are consumed by hatred could just as easily be described as consumed by fear.' Write about your immediate response to this sentence.
31. What keeps tripping you up at the moment? Write about it in depth.
32. Write down at least thirty words to describe what it feels like to be afraid of this life.
33. Write down at least thirty words to describe what it means to choose your response to tough times.
34. Whereabouts are your biggest challenges when it comes to managing your time and energy? (For bonus points: Write a manifesto which outlines your intention to claw back your precious energy, stop wasting it and spend it more wisely!)
35. Write a list of songs which currently describe how you'd like to feel.
36. How can you be more experimental and open to discovering new things about your own capabilities?
37. What do you need to reduce at the moment and why?
38. Whereabouts do you feel a sense of membership/belonging and why does that matter so much?
39. Write about the last time you felt broken and, by your own efforts, managed to put yourself back together again.
40. Why do people apologize so much for the way that they feel?
41. What's your favourite fantasy right now and why? (For bonus points: Describe the fantasy in serious depth! Every little detail!)
42. If you had to feel grateful for something right now in this moment, what would you choose to focus on and why?
43. Write a letter of thanks and appreciation to yourself for the strength and endurance that you have shown, not only recently but throughout all the challenges you have encountered in life. (For bonus points: Seal it and open it one year from today or when you really need a boost.)
44. What do you have to give and how might it help someone else to heal?
45. What would you like to hear, more than anything, from someone else's lips? (For bonus points: Choose some wonderful words to say to yourself and speak them out loud after writing them down.)
46. Make a list of some stuff you plan to do in order to bring more glee into your life!
47. Whereabouts do you need more organisation and less distraction?
48. 'When we create space in our lives for unscripted, unexpected things to happen, we open the door to magick.' Write about your initial response to this sentence and why it might be useful to absorb it as fully as possible right now. 
49. Write something uplifting and empowering in only six words or less, and stick it on the fridge. (For bonus points: DON'T OVERTHINK THIS ONE - choose the first thing that comes into your head. You could also try saying it aloud every time you open your fridge!)
50. Give yourself permission to stop justifying your decisions to others. Write about why this is empowering and important. 

Happy scribbling, fellow travellers!



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