Monday, 27 February 2017

ACTION AS PRAYER | Keeping It Real and Sacred With My Latest Video Collection

Lately I've been thinking about action.

What action am I taking to send ripples of love and good intention out into this world? What action am I taking to let the people in my life know that I care about them? What action am I taking to make sure I can sustain my efforts? What action am I taking to minimize my impact on the planet?

I have definitely been feeling overwhelmed at points over the last few months in particular, and I know I'm a long way from being alone in that feeling. None of us are entirely exempt from the occasional attack of defeatism or fear as we look around us and wonder if any action we possibly took could be anything more than a drop in the bucket.

But the point is not to drop anchor there in those feelings of being small and ineffectual. The point is to accept that those feelings stem from a sincere desire to work from the heart and create a ripple effect which starts there, at the centre of you, and flows outwards. We all have our moments of 'Who Am I?' and 'Little Old Me?', but knowing that we can't remain inside those attitudes indefinitely is an important part of spiritual life.

My latest exclusive video collection hits inboxes from 22nd March and it's all about the art of taking action.

I'm going to be using Tarot and Oracle cards to hit on some key considerations which tend to trouble those who are stuck in non-movement or dealing with burnout from doing too much. I'm going to talk from my own perspective, sip some tea and offer some suggestions for positive change.

There is no dogma in this. No insistence. No 'one right way'. I'm hoping that for anyone who follows my work even remotely, this won't be a surprise! I'm not about preaching from above or telling people what they need to do to 'pass' as a 'good' person. Actually, the 'Action as Prayer' collection came into reality because I needed to think deeply about my shortcomings and issues where action is concerned. As always, we'll be walking the path together, and we can take what we need from it and leave the rest.. The aim is to give you plenty to contemplate.

There is nothing overtly political about this video series. Although many spiritual peeps have felt moved to engage in heightened political activism lately, the focus of the videos isn't tied exclusively to that subject. Each video broadly approaches the topic of action in a way which makes it ideal for activists and would-be activists, but also ideal for those who want to take action in their personal lives, career paths and so on. If you want to take action in multiple ways, all the better!

Click here to check out the purchase option which includes a free e-guide to help you understand what each video offers.

Much love, Poptarts!