Monday, 13 February 2017

More Incessant Shadow Work Rambling

I really wanted to come back to making regular YouTube videos with some juicy shadow work content. I've been lucky enough, at this point on my journey, to be told by quite a few people that my shadow work resources have made a difference in their lives, and that is such a wonderful privilege. In this latest video, I have chosen to address the association between shadow work and the term 'lightworker'. I hope that this will clarify my position on things and also give you the chance to consider where you stand on it. I want to stress that I am aware that there's a certain percentage of people in the spiritual sphere who are using the term 'lightworker' whilst not necessarily acting in accordance with what we've come to expect from the word. There is no getting away from the fact that a segment of self-professed 'lightworkers' could leave a sour taste in your mouth, either due to your projections or their unethical behaviours. But those experiences shouldn't be permitted to colour your entire perception of all those who use the term.

I also chat about the possibility of massive changes to the personality and behaviours through doing shadow work. I sometimes feel concerned that people may see shadow work as a 'perfection project' - a way to get rid of all the flaws and yucky bits, emerging resplendent and ascended with none of the prior characteristics which made them uniquely human. If you're approaching shadow work as a way to become someone else, stop. If you're hoping that you'll be able to leave all the things you're ashamed of behind you, stop. The 'carve all the nasty away' mentality is actually self-critical and not in alignment with the intention of ultimate self-acceptance which must lie at the heart of each shadow worker. If we can understand that shadow work is about accepting the psyche in its entirety rather than choosing which parts of the psyche are acceptable, then we are on the right track. Of course, once we shift into that mindset, positive change is highly likely, if not inevitable!

Finally, I offer some thoughts about shadow work as a lifelong commitment and as something to which we can return as we evolve and learn. For this entire lifetime that you are now experiencing, the possibility of trauma, loss, unexpected change or a deep unmet need is always on the horizon. Shadow work is an important tool to have at your disposal in the aftermath of such internal and external events.


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