Thursday, 23 February 2017

Empathic Shizzle | Where I Was and Where I Am Now

The more I've opened up to spiritual experiences and considered spiritual concepts, the more I've felt like a big ol' receptacle for the energies constantly swirling around me - particularly the emotional energies of others. Although this hasn't always been a comfortable or convenient part of my journey, I decided not to see it as a weakness.

I feel as though the most common narrative surrounding empathic ability is one of frailty. We talk often about how being able to take on other people's stuff is tiring, overwhelming, scary and annoying! In my latest video, I mention the fact that this narrative is rife largely because many people with empathic traits find that they can't control them whatsoever, or they've never tried. A superpower requires your understanding. You must figure out how to use it wisely. You need to bring discipline and discernment to it. Then it becomes one of the most useful and joyful things in your character.

Of course, for me, figuring out how to tame the empathic shizzle was a case of trying spiritual methods of cleansing and shielding. I have found that these methods have been helpful, and there are some suggestions in the video for you to try if you also have a tendency to take on other people's emotions.

Check it out here:


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