Thursday, 30 March 2017

Welcome to My Fast-Moving World! | Updates

I am back in full swing and I'm loving it! My hiatus, which I can largely attribute to create burnout, really had me 'chomping at the bit' for some serious self-expression as I reached the other side of it. I feel like I've wasted no time in creating things again, and it feels divine.

So, if you fancy a quick round up of what's been going on in my world lately, here are some links so you don't miss a trick!

I decided to chat about intuition, how to follow it and what a slippery little sucker it can be at times! I really love this video - I'm so glad I made it! I was inspired by a client with whom I've been doing some work on this stuff, and I decided it would be great to allow them -and anyone else who's having a hard time accessing their inner voice- to grab a tonne of my tips in one place. I particularly think it's important to be honest about the fact that deepening your link with your intuition can be a slower process than perhaps you'd like it to be! This is because a lot of learning happens in the rear-view mirror! You suppress or overlook your intuition, make an ill-advised decision as a result of that, and only then do you look back and groan with frustration as you try to eat your fist! This may happen a number of times before you get better at the game and manage to catch yourself in the act of suppressing your inner voice, thus enabling you to choose a different road!

Check out the video here:

I finally got to unbox Ana Tourian's Oracle of Echoes and I fell immediately in love! The colours, the images and the overall concept is so lush. It is every inch the kind of oracle deck that I look out for and tend to buy! I am impressed with the execution of this deck - it has a distinctive atmosphere which really helps you to get lost in it.. I have been using it for clients for a while now and all I can say is YES! Check out my first impressions right here:

My latest Rambling Witch episode is here! I'm thrilled that I got to talk about the Amino Pagans and Witches app which I've been loving! I've also been overdue a big ol' ramble about altars, so that happened! I also offer some recommendations for good Tarot readers at the end of the video. Check it out here:

I've been busy making audio offerings too! I'm delighted to announce that I've been getting my biz advice head on again! I made a spontaneous little Wonderworker Biz Riff which you can download and fill your ears with. It's all about realising that the biz journey is, well, just that - a fuckin' journey, babycakes! You may not feel like you're ready for the finish line yet, but that's because you're not there yet. On the way to your big dream, you are going to acquire so much more self-knowledge and deal with so many obstacles which will strengthen and empower you to take your rightful place when you finally arrive there. You prepare for success as you make your way towards it. I hope you find this inspiring - because that's always my intention:

I also created an audio offering all about spiritual language and how damn divisive and unhelpful some of it can be! As well as looking into what happens when we fall into a deep fixation with a spiritual teacher, prizing our affection for them over the message that they are trying to impart. I talk about judgement, anger, fear and the notion that it's important to use your critical thought when imbibing spiritual content. Basically, I'm keeping it so raw and so real in this one, that it might not even be your cup of tea! But there's no harm in giving it a listen! Make up your own mind, dollface!

Well, that's me just keeping you up to date!

What a journey!

Thanks for riding with me!