Wednesday, 31 May 2017

High Five the Little One Within | FREE E-ZINE for Download

I've been ripping and sticking, honey bees!

'Notes for Inner Child Work' is just a little collection of suggestions and reminders to help with discovering and healing the kid within you. You'll find some original collage work in there too, and ten journal prompts to set you off on a solo mission..

Inner child work has been a vital part of my journey. Recognising that lots of the most painful experiences in adult life -particularly in my relationships with others- actually reminded me of stuff that happened when I was small was a mind-bending eye-opener of the highest order! Also realising that I had wounds inside of me from years ago which never had the chance to be acknowledged and healed at the time was an essential part of confronting my tendency to make others around me suffer for stuff that they weren't responsible for. Inner child healing was a big part of my journey to full accountability for my mental health. It also promoted self-compassion - I stopped being so fucking hard on myself all the time and instead leaned into my vulnerabilities, understanding them for what they were.

In psychospiritual dialogue and the world of self-development, 'inner child work' is a phrase that comes and goes, gaining credibility, trending and then dying back and causing everyone to roll their eyes! But I'm not one for fads and I don't follow what's hot. If something really helps me and I can see evidence of the benefits for me and for my clients, I continue to sing its praises. Although I've been aware of the concept of inner child work for a long time, others are only just stepping onto this part of the path, and I hope that this little e-zine can be a slice of inspiration for them. If you're aware of the child within but you haven't said 'hello' in a while, maybe this will jog your memory and start up a conversation with your younger self.


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Much love!