Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Soul On Fire | My Initial Impressions of Sacred Creators Oracle

I am delighted to be able to share my initial reactions to Chris-Anne Donnelly's awesome deck, 'Sacred Creators Oracle', and also looking forward to using it for clients. This one is so enlivening! I already get the distinct impression that it would be a great tool for journal prompts and ideas relating to opening up deep conversations with partners, therapists, family members, spiritual groups/circles and friends. You could really use each carefully chosen phrase as a gateway..

I would love to make a free resource relating to this awesome tool. Something like a collection of videos or blog posts - who knows what the future might hold? I've always been super impressed with my friend Carrie's index of blog posts offering a complete tour of Wild Unknown Tarot according to her awesome, psycho-spiritual perspective. Something like that could definitely be in the pipeline for me with Sacred Creators because, wowza! I'm feeling so fizzy with this thing in my life!

Thanks for watching, Poptarts!