Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Inner Child is a Potent Archetype | Holding Hands with Your Younger Selves

Inner child work has inspired me for years. Witnessing the way it's helped me hold a mirror up to the stuff I spent years running from was humbling. Watching it do the same for clients is mind-bendingly good and makes me feel all kinds of positive emotions. Some people try it and find that it's not for them and that's fine. But if an individual can find their way to holding hands with at least one younger version of themselves, it can often create a ripple of healing and realisation which extends in many directions.

Recognising that I didn't need to work with full, high definition memories was liberating, because I was one of those people who found those kinds of clear-cut recollections hard to come by. Working with fractured pieces of thoughts, feelings, sensory experiences and random audio memories actually fed me much more than I expected. I also came to see that I could work with my inner child and teenager at different ages, forming a collection of shards of me which opened up portals into different themes, fears and desires.

No one can tell you how to proceed with your own inner child work. No one should presume to tell you what the right way forward should be. This is up to you.

Honour the journey. Witness your growth as a result of it. Know that it's ok to step back, take a break, check in with yourself and move at the pace which offers the most empowerment and understanding for you. Everyone is different.

If you're up for doing this work, I commend you. If you're not there yet, I commend your ability to see that. If it's not your cup of tea, I commend you for knowing yourself enough to hold that truth.

I hope this video is helpful.

Much love!