Saturday, 5 August 2017

NEW VIDEO SCRAPBOOK | Nothin' Witchy to Behold Here! A Day of Adulting

The burning of question for me this morning is whether I'm allowed to use the word 'muggle' if I'm not actually into Harry Potter?! Who the heck knows? But I know that the word instantly makes sense to tonnes of peeps in my audience so, yeah, this latest video scrapbook is a glimpse into the muggle-y stuff, honey bees! I wanted to turn the camera on myself whilst catching up with emails, going for my morning walk and generally hanging out in my flat. It feels weird to offer a slice of my 'ordinary' life rather than focusing on something spiritual or offering instructions to help with some aspect of personal development. But I also feel like it somehow makes my channel a more comfortable and accessible place for me. As I mentioned in my updates video a while ago, I do want the channel to become less 'uptight' and rigid in terms of what makes the cut. Maybe this is the first step on that journey?

You can check out the scrapbook here:

Apologies for not keeping my blog up to date over the last month-and-a-bit. I love blogging but I had some issues with image hosting and it got a tad frustrating so I just took a back seat. And, as you'll soon learn from the latest scrapbook, July wasn't exactly a great time to sit down and figure out technical stuff anyway! I hope that everything will soon be fully back on track so that the blog can once again become a place to visit to make sure you don't miss anything I'm doing!