Sunday, 19 November 2017

A Cheeky Little Recap of My Perpetual Antics in Cyberland!

Heyyyyy! Thanks for checking out my blog. I have a love/hate relationship with it, frankly. And that's because the main way that I choose to communicate online is via my YouTube channel rather than in the written word, so I often find myself not really knowing what to put here. I used to blog a lot, back in the day. But I realised that blogging about self-development stuff and spiritual shizzle actually had a tendency to burn me out in the 'written language' department, which left me feeling unable to write poetry and fill my journal. Effectively, it was messing with my personal connection to writing for wellbeing and self-discovery. So I decided to get rid of the long essays and instructional 'top five tips' kind of posts and just stick to making my videos.

But I do like to put things here from time to time. I like 'blogging' as a concept and I would feel weird and naked on my website if it was just an online store with no blog! I've decided that from now on I'm going to do 'Updates and Whatnot' posts where I just review what I've been up to so that people know what they can enjoy from me if they like my content. I'll also be doing random 'Musings from Planet Maddox' rambles when the fancy takes me. Plus, 'Cyber Gold' will be returning - it's a segment where I offer links to stuff that I think is great online. But Cyber Gold will now be much more focused on my specific spiritual/witchy community, uplifting those who are making positive contributions.

So, my Cardslinger series is officially back! You can check out the latest episode here. I'm so glad that I changed the format so that the camera is focused on my table rather than my face. With this format, reaching for the camera feels easy and spontaneous because I'm at my table doing readings most days so it's a smooth transition to just grab my camera and start some cardslingin' gasbaggin' goodness! I look forward to showcasing the very first 'card comparison' episode soon. I'll be comparing the same card across different decks in my collection.

Now, the temptation is to stockpile new decks in an attempt to get as much variety into the card comparison episodes as possible. But I am absolutely checking my materialistic impulse and sitting it firmly on the naughty chair! I would far rather have the opportunity to get more frequent use out of decks I already own than go overboard with new purchases. But damn, it can be difficult to control that instinct to collect decks without being super conscientious about it. For someone who didn't start collecting until their late twenties, I definitely well and truly 'caught the bug' for working with different imagery. But I think it's important, on my personal journey with Tarot and Oracle decks, to avoid the risk of imagery overkill.

I also tried a brand new format on the channel recently - the housework ramble! I dunno, I just had a hell of a lot to do that day and I couldn't really justify taking time out to film so I did what any self-respecting chatterbox with loads of chores would do; I didn't let that stop me! I chatted out a hard one on the topic of community, collaboration, friendship - and mostly the shadowy sides of it. Click here to check it out if you haven't had a chance. I will definitely be doing more housework rambles in the future! I already have another one filmed and ready to be edited! It's all about working with personified deity as a pantheist, so look out for that in the days ahead if it sparks your interest.

My newest spread design has been showcased on the channel! The reading option is called 'Snow Queen' and I'm in love with it. Isn't it great when you're in love with your own creation?! Although I sell the Snow Queen Reading in my online store, I'm more than happy for you to use the spread design to do your own readings, and that's why I've offered you a detailed explanation of each card position's meaning and focus areas. Click here if you'd like to get to grips with my Snow Queen spread design using my handy breakdown video on YouTube, and you can always click here to purchase it directly from me as a Yule treat to yourself! In related news, my Yule and Christmas Readings section is now open and Snow Queen is just one of the four options on offer. Have a little browse and see if anything takes your fancy!

Before I sign out, babycakes - I literally just launched a 90 minute audio workshop to help you get over your internet demons! Seriously, those demons are too real! So many people struggle to have a positive online experience because of procrastination, fixation or toxic comparison. The internet can end up taking over your life whilst giving you little return on the massive investment of time and energy you're putting into it. If you know you've got issues with your internet usage and you want to start walking a healthier road, CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 'CYBER HEART'. It's instantly downloadable audio goodness at an awesome price.

Ok, thanks for stopping by, babycakes.

Much love! Over and out!