Friday, 23 February 2018

PRO HEALER: My New Audio Product for Peeps Who Want to Spread a Spiritual Messge

PRO HEALER is my latest audio option, featuring TWO exclusive downloadable audio tracks combining into ONE HOUR of musings for those who want to start spreading a message of healing.

Do you want to start building an audience and client base, offering your philosophies and messages in order to guide and inspire? Do you want to be in service as a part-time or full-time career path? Do you want to use your experiences, knowledge and passion to mentor and inspire others?

This 60 minute talk is for those who are saying 'YES' to these kinds of questions but also wondering if they are TRULY READY to start taking action. Sharing your message through your content, products and services is a big responsibility. Creating community and starting conversations isn't easy. It requires consistency and passion, and it can sometimes bring up a lot of shadowy stuff for you to confront and work on in the process. Many people stand on the sidelines and fail to launch as healers or guides, worrying that their message isn't important enough or that they don't have what it takes, even though they constantly think about going pro.

If you're struggling to figure out if you're truly ready to get started on your path as a pro reader, mentor, speaker or guide, this audio talk is for you. It's about working through your doubts and insecurities so that you can create stellar content and feel positive about your offerings. BUT it is ALSO a REALISTIC resource which asks you to CONFRONT YOUR SHADOWS and figure out if you are genuinely ready.

Unlike some resources for those who want to be professional healers, readers or spiritual messengers, this audio talk doesn't simply assume that you ARE ready to launch as a professional. Nor does it assume that your motivations are necessarily healthy at the present time. In fact, this talk places a big emphasis on 'shadow motivations' which can underlie a person's desire to be a spiritual professional. It is important that we mine our shadowscapes for any not-so-positive motivating factors which may be leading us to visualise ourselves as spiritual helpers or leaders. If you're ready to make sure you've done your shadow work before stepping onto your professional path, you might want to give this a listen!

Even if you are already working in a professional capacity in the spiritual sphere, there are always appropriate times for inner exploration and reassessment at points on your journey. If you'd like to check in with your shadow stuff, you might also enjoy these musings.

You can purchase PRO HEALER now over at my online store.