Monday, 20 August 2018

Become a Dedicant This Self-Love September..

It's coming..

Self-Love September is on the horizon, peaches! This means I'm undertaking the challenge (and privilege) of providing a full month's worth of YouTube videos inspired by the awesome majesty of self-love. Each year I address different topics, pulling from my experiences as a spiritual counsellor and wellness advocate as well as looking at both the distant and recent memories from my own journey. There's always so much to say about the art of self-love! I learn more every year, by the time September gets close, I'm hunched over my notebook scribbling frantically, excited to share new ideas.

During September you will be able to enjoy thirteen videos on my YouTube channel. I'll be suggesting tonnes of good ways to do ritual and spellcraft for self-love, offering advice to end a cycle of co-dependency, approaching the compelling topic of sexual confidence and much more! 

How to dive deeper..

The Extras Package has been specifically designed for those who want to fully commit to Self-Love September by working alongside me to discuss each of the thirteen topics in more depth. It's also a great option for those who want ongoing access to a private community based on healing, self-love and personal power. Here's what the package includes: 


Dive into thirteen thought-provoking worksheets to help you get the most out of every YouTube video throughout the month. The worksheets are intended to challenge and inspire you, urging you to consider how each topic resonates with your personal life and which actions you plan to take. (You can use the worksheets at your own pace - there's no pressure!)


Attend five hour-long live masterclasses throughout the month, allowing you to ask me questions, share your stories and engage with me as we uncover each self-love topic. The masterclasses offer a great opportunity to discuss your self-love issues with other members in a safe, supportive online space. (Playback will be available if you're not able to make certain times and dates.)


Retain your membership for The Safe House community when September ends! You'll have access to monthly live Emotional Healing Sessions and live Sip Tea With Me catch-up sessions. The Safe House is intended to be a place for people to share support and exchange stories. We focus on wellness and personal development, aiming to make positive progress in whatever way feels right for us as individuals. 

Come along, dollface!

I would love to invite you into The Safe House! Click here to make your purchase!

Much love!