Friday, 14 December 2018

34 Personal Faves from My YouTube Channel! (Happy Birthday to Me!)

Hey there, peaches!

Today is the first of my 34th year! 

For the most part, my thirties are being extremely kind to me! I have no qualms about going up in age. I’m also blessed to be on the verge of my weekend birthday trip to Glastonbury, which I plan to share with you in a video scrapbook when I get back! (Of course! How could I even think about keeping the Glasto birthday shenanigans from you all?!)

To celebrate my 34th here on my beloved but often neglected blog, I wanted to create a list of some of my personal best loved videos from my YouTube channel. As a long-time creator of YouTube content, I definitely have those videos that I favour the most and I still smile when I look back on the creation process for them or think about where I was in my life when they were first uploaded.

If you’re relatively new to my online world and you want to know which videos to check out, or you’re not adverse to a trip down memory lane in honour of me getting older, wiser and increasingly more grey, here are my top picks!

Ok, so this is technically two videos rather than one, but they come as a pair! (Here is the Part 2.)  These are the first two YouTube videos on my channel! (I did make some beforehand but deleted them ages ago and re-made them later on.) You can see how ‘stiff’ and unsure I was, but I still feel that the passion for the content came through. When you first start a channel, you’re essentially talking to no one, so it can feel unnatural and shaky. But damn, I am so glad I got started all that time ago!

This is still one of my favourites. It features one of the few times that I have shed tears during the hundreds of videos I have uploaded to YouTube, and I feel like my energy when talking about agency and how to grasp it is still palpable and useful..

Wanna make thought forms to do your bidding and keep you company? Get some tips and inspiration from one of my most popular videos!

This was one of the most important journeys I ever took. Respecting anger whilst releasing my addiction to it was so damn integral to the plot of my life!

This is the first video in my award-winning ten-part Tarot course, ‘Trainee Tarot’. It was the beginning of a great journey which I’m lucky enough to be able to say has helped lots of peeps to crack open a deck and keep going with it..

There have been a few altar-related videos on the channel over time, but this is still my favourite. I like the fact that I showed and explained the changes that I made to the set-up, and I also appreciate my own sass during the Q&A at the end!

I take you with me into the wee hours as I create something for a much-loved friend..

Some thoughts on why I will never have children. This was a different kind of subject matter for my channel but I’m glad I ‘went there’ as I feel it’s an important topic and it’s good to be vocal about it so that others who may feel railroaded or unsure when it comes to parenthood can feel that they have options..

Getting honest and offering support while I do my dishes.

Love my outfit, love the subject matter!

This is a wildly enthusiastic sojourn into the specifics of using Tarot in magickal workings.

I’m really happy with the body of work that I have been creating regarding the concept of the shadow, and there is so much more that I plan to say on the topic.. But this is one of the videos that I feel the most positive about. Plus, I'm rocking my Zeppelin tee.

I mean, what can I say? I love talking about her..

It’s a humble little set-up, but it means the absolute world to me! My cardslinging table and the surrounding area are the centre of my professional and spiritual life.

I love explaining different ways to use Tarot. There are literally so many places to go with it! This video is a good example of the stuff I like to offer where possible.

Although there’s no doubt that some of my views and interests have moved on since I made this video many moons ago, it’s one of the resources which set the tone for the message of spiritual sovereignty and experimentation that I have always carried with me since I started flapping my gums online! 

Dani and I are no longer romantically together but we are still besties and we hang out regularly. I love him so much and it’s great that this video exists on my channel. Plus I made it on my birthday so it’s super relevant!

Just some good wholesome info about the different ways in which you can view the effectiveness of magick and how it works. That fringe though!

Another of the videos which set the tone for the message I was always wanting to put out.. I have been about spiritual invention and sovereignty from the very beginning, and I always get such a buzz from helping people to lean into their own unique idea of what an effective, fizzy practice would be like and why.

I am including this one because it is my most watched video and because it puts me at the top of the video search results for ‘chaos magick’ on google which is neat!

My first video with that wild candyfloss hair, and the first in the Rambling Witch series!

I am including this in my faves list because of where I was in my life at the time that I made it. I had just taken a month off from YouTube and I was coming back refreshed and excited. And I was also deeply in the throes of new love. It was a good time. I am bringing that plaid shirt back at the moment too.

It was nice to show you guys this book of doodles and collages..

Meeting Thorn was epic!

One of my more recent videos but a firm favourite already, since it was a long-overdue subject to tackle on the channel and it was intended to clear up confusion around the whole process of using archetypes so that more peopled will feel inclined to do so! (It really is awesome, I promise!)

I read my favourite artist's manifesto in this one, and I still love it so much!

Keeping it real.

This will always be one of my favourites because I was in a great mood, I’m turning a killer look and there’s snow everywhere.

I was really trying to be helpful here, and I do think it worked out well. I have even used this one myself when I need a dose of my own fucking medicine!

Someone tried to take me down just before I made this, and they didn’t succeed, and this was the creative result. All they ended up doing was hurting themselves and strengthening me in the process..

One of my personal favourites from the Self-Love September collections..

Getting honest and raw about this was hard, but it turned out that lots of my audience had been through similar things and I was glad I tackled this topic after all.

This one is a bit ranty and that is unusual for me on my channel, but I meant it then and I mean it now!

The title still makes me laugh but damn it, this is something people worry about so I thought, why not tackle it?

Well, this has been a joyous trip down memory lane! Today I will drink to many more years of creating video resources, since I haven't lost an ounce of love for the process, and it may surprise some of you to know that I still have so much more to say!

Thanks for being with me for this weird and thrilling ride, dollfaces!