Wednesday, 3 March 2021

TEN Powerful Things You Can Learn from My New Book, 'Rebel Witch'..


Cupcakes, first of all, a gigantic luscious double-grateful thank you is in order. 

The response to my upcoming book, 'Rebel Witch: Carve the Craft that's Yours Alone' has been touching and -at times- teary! I want to acknowledge the shimmering support I've received, and to tell you how appreciative I am for it. To everyone who ever asked me when I was going to write a book about witchcraft, it's here - and you are a part of the reason for that. To everyone who's already pre-ordered, masses of mystical kisses to you all.

I have received lots of questions about the book in comments and messages across my platforms, as well as via email. These questions are currently being compiled into an FAQ post which will be here on the website soon - I promise. I'm grateful to everyone who wants to know more. 

For now though, I'd love to give you a little glimpse into some of the gems you'll uncover as a 'Rebel Witch' reader. The book is designed to empower, inspire and motivate those who want to keep their sorcery sovereign and their witchcraft weird. Here are TEN high-powered parts to look forward to..

1. Take a different look at the Wheel of the Year

Within the pages of the book you'll find an invitation to reimagine the eight traditional Sabbats recognised by many witches. Put a contemporary lens over the themes of each festival. Make the turning of the Wheel into something that's deeply personal to you.

2. Make a mind altar

Altars don't need to be physical objects that you can touch with your flesh'n'blood hands. If you want an altar that you can take anywhere and keep top secret, making one inside your mind is the way to go. In the chapter on altars, we'll explore the possibilities for creating a sacred witchy workspace in the realm of the imagination. (Your cats won't jump on it and no one gets to pass comment on it. Bliss.)

3. Connect with deities in your own way 

You'll be encouraged to consider fresh possibilities for talking with deities, giving them offerings and including them in your workings. And it's not just gods and goddesses we'll explore. The book encourages unique and powerful connections with spirit guides, deceased loved ones, fictional characters, imaginary friends and more.. 

4. Cleanse yourself, your space and your belongings

Rebel Witch aims to shake the dust away from this ever-popular topic in witchcraft. You'll find bullet-pointed lists of suggestions for energy cleansing and spiritual hygiene, to show you what's possible and encourage you to do it your way.

5. Discover a wide range of tools to work with 

If you sometimes feel stuck for ideas on what to use in your craft, the chapter on tools has you covered. As well as providing a big list of options, you'll be offered ideas on innovative ways to use each object.

6. Choose and use your very own sacred text

A witch can choose anything as their personal Bible! A graphic novel, a book of old photographs or a work of classic children's literature could be a perfect sacred text from which to glean answers and receive spiritual wisdom. Rebel Witch helps you to choose a riveting sacred text for your practice and delivers tips on how to use it.

7. Be inventive and varied in your spellcasting

You'll be offered a huge list of different spellcraft types so you'll never be bored or stuck when cooking up new ways of manifesting your desires. The book also encourages you to challenge your perception of what spellcraft is and be unafraid to try different things.

8. Put all kinds of activities into your witchy schedule 

Meditation, mirror work, affirmations, devotionals, readings, research and more.. There are endless possibilities for your witchcraft practice. Rebel Witch lays the buffet out for you and encourages you to taste different things. You'll end up with a delicious routine that truly feeds your spiritual soul.

9. Examine and clarify your ethics

When you're trying to figure out the personal principles of your witchcraft practice, you might get the sense that you're not allowed to make your own choices. Some advice can feel more demanding that helpful, as witches have such strong beliefs on this stuff sometimes! Rebel Witch totally avoids the heavy-handed approach. The book will take you through some key ethical considerations and then? It's up to you to decide. We'll explore all kinds of questions around hexing, love spells, cultural appropriation, charging for services and more..

10. Get clear on the shadowy stuff

Is shadow work right for you at this time in your life? What exactly is it? How can you start? What are the problems to look out for once you begin the practice? We'll get these questions answered as we approach the topic together in Part 3 of the book.


I hope you're ready for some sacred rebellion, dandelions. 
I know I am. 
(And always have been.) 

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