Saturday, 17 April 2021

Join the Rebel Witch Exclusive Bookclub!

Are you a ‘Rebel Witch’ reader?

It’s been nothing short of a kaleidoscopic TRIP to see people’s responses to my first book so far, darlings - what a gift! Thank you to everyone who has already finished it, those who are currently journeying through it, and those who are waiting to check it out.

As my summer comes into view, it’s a pleasure to announce that I will be sauntering through the book's many weird, colourful rooms together with members of an exclusive Rebel Witch Bookclub! It’s all happening over on Patreon, beginning in May and moving through until the end of July in seven fortnightly slices of rebellious goodness. By the end, we all expect to be weirder and richer for the experience!

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Intro + Chapters 1-4 || Sat 8th May @ 5 PM (90 mins)

2. Chapters 5-7 || Sun 23rd May @ 6 PM (60 mins)

3. Chapter 8-10 || Sat 5th June @ 6 PM (60 mins)

4. Chapters 11-13 || Sun 20th June @ 7 PM (60 mins)

5. Chapters 14-16 || Sat 4th July @ 4 PM (60 mins)

6. Chapters 17-19 || Sun 18th July @ 6 PM (60 mins)

7. Chapters 20-23 + Conclusion || Sat 31st July @ 4 PM (90 mins)

All times are for London, UK. Reminders with international time zones will be given as we go along. (But for reference, all start times are between 11 AM and 2 PM EST.) I can't wait to spend every alternate weekend nerding out with you over my own book. Kind of weird, but I'm going with it!

All you need to do if you want to be in on the Rebel Witch Bookclub action is join the Poptarts tier on Patreon. Alongside this exclusive Rebel Witch journey, you will also be able to access other benefits such as: 

- exclusive discount codes

- movie house membership

- Discord access

- monthly group video readings

- monthly live streams covering in-depth topics

Are you up for it?

Click here to go to my Patreon tiersPoptarts is the one you want for Bookclub shenanigans. It's best to join at the start of the new month so that you don't get charged twice in quick succession! so, from Sat 1st May onwards is good.

See you there!

Much love and keep it weird x