Wednesday, 11 May 2022

I'm Making Big Things Happen on the Regular Over at Patreon!

Every single month, I deliver TWO live events to my Poptarts over on Patreon. I just released the latest times, dates and details, and I'm way too excited! I wanted to share what's going on behind the scenes so that you can decide whether to take the Patreon plunge.. 



Sun 5th @ 5:30 PM UK | Sip Tea With Me

Sat 25th @ 8 PM UK | The Big Boundary Setting Session: Darlings, you know how I feel about boundaries. I’m all about them. They have saved me and spurred me on. I have actually even been criticised at times by people who think I emphasise the importance of boundaries a little too much! Nonetheless, I persist. I know that boundaries can be woefully undercooked and I want to spread a little empowerment around so that people feel able to build and defend them where needed. This live session will address the need for boundaries, how to change them, and how to cope when someone sets a difficult boundary with you. Have you been shamed or shunned for setting a strong boundary? We will get into all that mess, for sure! I’m also going to bring some of my more recent personal experiences to the table and I welcome you to do the same. Let’s go deep on this.



Sun 10th @ 4 PM UK | Sip Tea With Me

Sun 31st @ 6 PM UK | Tarot Real Talk – Let’s Cut Through the BS: This live session WILL come with a side of sass – you have been fairly warned! I’m going to get into the not-so-nice side of cardslinging. I’ll welcome you to consider the mistruths that do the rounds in the Tarot world and how to spot heavy-handed or unhealthy advice. We’ll also look at the anatomy of a bad reading and the behaviour of unscrupulous readers and teachers. Suggested ‘course corrections’ will be on offer – I’ll explain how to adjust your study and reading techniques when things have gone a bit wonky. Common mistakes and classic misunderstandings will be up for debate. I am very much looking forward to knowing what YOU think as well as sharing my own views from the perspective of a long-time pro reader.



Sun 14th @ 7 PM UK | Sip Tea With Me

Sat 20th @ 5 PM UK | Quick’n’Dirty Magick: Did you know you can do a spell on a bus, at a doctor’s office or in a public toilet? Did you know that a spell can be woven into a conversation? Did you know that magick intention can take mere seconds to send? With the right set of mental tools, you can create tonnes of change in a tiny timeframe. We will delve into how this is done, covering stuff life ‘top up’ spells, chaochambers (that's not a typo), cheat portals for accessing standby energy, and glamour magick in double quick time. Many witchcraft practitioners are wary of speedy spellcraft. But sometimes it’s just the ticket and the situation may seriously call for it! I can’t wait to get into this one. It’s going to be fun, interesting and inspiring as heck!



Sat 10th @ 12 PM UK | Sip Tea With Me

Sun 11th @ 10 PM UK | Sip Tea With Me (Yes, double trouble)

Sun 18th @ 6:30 PM UK | Feeding the Fires of Release and Receive: This session will be an interactive ritual, laced with compassion and encouragement. I will hold a strong space for you each to consider what you’re ready to get rid of and what you want to bring in. We’ll begin with conscious breathing and a body scan. Then we’ll move into a visualisation to help us get ready to give things to the fires. I will have two candles lit – one for releasing and one for receiving. Together we will share what we’ll feed to each fire and I will chant, drum and speak words of power as I give your intentions to my cauldron. You can follow along with your own candles at home if you like, but it won’t be necessary as I can do all that for you – you’ll only need to bring your intention, focus and honesty to this very special shindig. 


Can you envision your dairy filled with this hench live lushness?! Then come on over and get involved, darling. You also get access to monthly printables, a monthly group card reading, Discord access to chat with everyone, exclusive discounts and other exclusive stuff.