About My Work


I create and share videos, audio recordings and occasional scribblings and e-gifts.

I offer counselling and mentoring sessions, Tarot and Oracle readings, exclusive video collections and audio workshops via my online store.

My work is for cycle-breakers, non-conformists, spiritual rebels and free-wheeling witchy types. It’s for people who would describe their outlook as ‘psycho-spiritual’. It’s for people who are interested in the place where metaphysical meets real world, but without the rules and the hierarchy and the dogma. It’s for people who are into archetypes and symbols. It’s for people who like to think and dream and create and get lost for a while but who also want to see actual results from whatever woo woo techniques they implement. My work honours those who may not have picture-perfect lives and might not be exactly where they want to be but who are convinced that there is magick in even the most seemingly mundane of moments, and they are committed to communing with it.

My videos are for people who are looking for long chatty musings to inspire them while they paint or walk their dogs or declutter their home. They're for people who want some company and some compassion. They're for those who don’t want to take life advice from an 'all-knowing' spiritual guru, but instead from someone who's still learning and experiencing things - speaking from those experiences, seeking to inspire rather than instruct.

My readings and sessions are for those who believe in their own agency and insight but who may need a little help connecting with it. They are for people who want to carve out a strategy, witness the fullness of possibility and take sacred control. They are for those who want to lift up the lid of the psyche and peer into the knotted, puzzling parts. They are for peeps who have forgotten that they have what it takes to live in their power, and they want to be reminded.

A reading or session with me will leave you with a clear idea of what the plan of action is - tips, suggestions, tools, exercises. All the space is held for you to talk it out or feel your way through it, but when the time comes for me to offer my insights in return, I aim to keep it strategic and deeply useful - no empty platitudes and no wishy-washy spiritual 'circling' of the issues at hand. Most importantly, I will never tell you emphatically what to do. This is your journey. You are the only person with a license to drive; I just want to help you figure out the best way to make the trip.

Self-love as a daily practice.

Self-love saved me. So it's difficult to shut up about it! Watching someone's life and selfhood expand beautifully as they live in alignment with self-love each day is a privilege.

I aim to help and inspire you to:

- Acknowledge that self-love is not a location at which you finally arrive after cracking some kind of code; it is a choice that you make every single day and it is also a lens through which you can choose to see situations and relationships

- Be your own ally and be on your own team; celebrate your wins and be the central spoke in your support system

- Learn how to identify your patterns of negative self-talk and actively challenge them when they arise

- Feel your feelings, own the full spectrum of your emotions, and reduce shame around the stuff you've been suppressing

- ‘Breakdown to break through’; know that tears can be a gateway, anger can invite alchemy and the energy of breaking is often married to the energy of reshaping

- Avoid single-focus self-love; instead, include elements of the physical, mental, social, emotional, financial, spiritual and creative

- See the value of  'tough love as self-love' - this means being able to get real and raw with yourself, stop coddling yourself and ultimately realise when you are shirking the work

- Feel whole on your own without needing permission or validation from others to propel your story forwards

- 'Give from the overflow' - this means making sure you have enough before you overextend yourself for others, avoiding the habit of running on empty whilst keeping other people’s cups full!

- Set boundaries and honour limitations

- Confront unhealthy coping mechanisms and replace them with beautiful, sustainable ones

- Be honest about the influences, habits and environments which perpetuate your issues and figure out how to 'refame or release'

- Find your voice and stop reading the script that was handed to you by your family and by society

- Recognise that perfection is a mirage and that it's better to shoot for a reality which can be achieved now than wait for an illusion which is always somewhere far off in the future

Shadow work as a sacred commitment to self.

Exploring the uncomfortable underbelly of my psyche has made all the difference. It is an honour to be given a doorway into people's shadowscapes in order to help them do the same, and that honour is something I hold sacred.

I aim to help and inspire you to:

- Understand that examining the dark side of the psyche is about unearthing whatever the ego has refused to accept and integrating it into your sense of self

- Assess your true readiness for shadow work and get clear on which themes to examine first

- Appreciate your limits and 'no compromise zones' during shadow work rather than letting your ego tell you how the process should be

- Know your motivations before beginning so as to avoid using shadow work as a form of self-harm

- Respect the power of the shadow work process, honouring its potential and refusing to take it lightly
- Realise that humour, curiosity and joy can be a part of shadow work, as long as you revere the depth and potential of the process

- Witness the value of unconditional shadow work (In other words – accept that one shadow doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it is attached to other shadows which may also ask for your attention)

- Avoid the risk of seeing shadow work as a fancy badge of honour on your self-development journey (It’s real, it’s raw, it matters, and it’s about you, not other people)

- Kill your desire to ‘reach the end’ and ‘get the certificate’ - respect the process and know that you may need to revisit your shadowscape as new material is submitted

- Find the right shadow work techniques for you – no cookie-cutter antics, no ‘one size fits all’ bullshit

- See the mapping and traversing of the shadow as an art form which can be improved, updated and refined in order to make it easier and more effectual

- Utilise the material from your shadowscape to create meaningful art, empathise more with yourself and others, be a stronger parent, make better decisions or finally take those fizzy risks you've been avoiding

- Acknowledge the power of the collective shadow, seeing the way shadow works in societies, groups and cultures, and how you can avoid feeding into the collusion

- Become an unapologetic cycle-breaker

Spiritual rebellion as a path to deep joy.

I was always a wayward little mystic, even from my earliest memories. I let myself munch on all kinds of spiritual snacks like a paradigm Pac-Man! Few things give me more joy than helping others to do the same.

I aim to help and inspire you to:

- Heal from the dogma of organised religion or fervent anti-spiritual sentiment so that you can start building the spiritual path of your dreams

- Develop a path which inspires and energizes you whilst also creating measurable 'real world' results

- Build a highly personalised spiritual path which includes all the fizzy stuff that means something to you and dismisses anything that makes you feel small, insecure, overwhelmed or just plain fucking bored!

- Switch from seeking 'proof that it's real' to 'proof that it works for you'.

- Understand the importance of creating a spiritual practice from scratch, from the ground up, which honours your needs and reflects your personality

- Recognise that no one else gets to sign off on your spiritual path except you (No more searching for external permission)

- Feel ballsy, get experimental and dance on the edge of the comfort zone

- Cope with scruples from your inner voice such as, 'Is this just too weird and silly?', 'Would anyone even understand this?' and, 'Am I just going a bit mad?'

- Connect with deities, archetypes, ancestors and icons as cosmic family members

- Figure out what your theories are and make peace with the way you see things

- Build altars and reflection spaces, develop ritual practices and create winning spellcraft techniques

- Find your spiritual sweet-spot; frequency, staple practices, tools, texts and resources..

- Choose the right words to describe your flavour of spiritual outlook – witch, mystic, seer, seeker, psychic.. (and find the inner strength to own those chosen words)

- Deal with spiritual shifts, slumps and self-doubt

 - Bring the results in; ritual that rocks, magick that materialises

- Get excited and inspired – bring your inner child and your inner artist to every spiritual activity

- Maintain a spiritual practice for healing, self-discovery and self-empowerment

Please keep in mind..

- My sessions and readings CANNOT be seen as any kind of substitute for the help of a licensed mental health professional

- I am required to let you know that readings should only be used for entertainment purposes

- My role will be to accompany you as you seek to understand which direction to take for yourself. I cannot take ultimate responsibility for your decisions. At no point will I try to push you or tell you what to do! Conversely, at no point should I expect to be blamed for the consequences of your actions.

Does this all seem hunky-dory? 

If so, I'm ready when you are, poptart.

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